Union Printing, Political Printing, and Chum

union-logoFirst Impression, Inc. is the longest standing union printer in New Mexico. We have been members of Teamsters Local 492 since 1997. We are a full fledged certified union shop where ALL of our production staff not just one or a few are union members under contract with wages above union scale.

We understand all the needs of union printing and can produce all of your printing and copying needs with the best turnaround times and reasonable pricing. We have a full time union graphic artist on staff that can take your ideas from scratch to finished product, or take your files and expertly transform them into print media. Our graphic design department can take any of your logos and redraw them so you get the best reproduction possible for all you print needs. You can have all of your business materials look their best. Clean crisp letterhead, business cards, and envelopes that will make you proud to hand them out.

We are a great source for any union contracts. We have produced almost all contracts in New Mexico. We can scan your originals, or download your files to produce your contract in any size and type of binding that you require. Quantity is not an issue, as we can do from one to how ever many you need and can keep your file stored, so if you need any more just give us a call and we can print more. We are a great source for all your training material.

We have experience with many political campaigns and can produce any of your campaign needs from simple black & white to four color process. We can produce brochures, post cards, door hangers, banners, and signs. Anything needed to promote your candidate we can do! Why use outside sources to create any of your campaign art when there is a full time union shop at First Impression, Inc.? We are currently an ASI Distributor that allows us to provide you with all your promotional and specialty advertising products.

If you are looking for a union shop that is truly a certified union shop, then the choice is clear. First Impression, Inc. is under contract, and here to serve.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to service all your union’s needs. First Impression, Inc., has been doing business in New Mexico for over 34 years.